chocolate raspberry brownie

  1. Dark chocolate buttons  285 gms

  2. sugar  270 gms

  3. flour  45 gms

  4. cocoa 85 gms(dark really dark bitter kind)

  5. butter  185 gms

  6. eggs    3 nos

  7. Raspberry frozen  100 gms

  8. white chocolate buttons 100 gms

  9. vanilla essence 2 mlMethod
  • melt the dark chocolate and butter.

  • whisk eggs and sugar till thick and creamy.

  • mix well the flour and cocoa powder, if lumpy then sieve together.

  • Add vanilla essence , and the melted chocolate and butter mix to the eggs.

  • slowly fold in the flour /cocoa mixture.

  • line one half chafing pan/or half sheet pan 12 inch x 18 inch pan  with greaseproof paper, and pour the mix over it then top with the raspberries and the white chocolate.

  • bake at 175 C for 25-30 minutes. the center shouldn’t be too dry just soft cos we want them to be gooey like proper brownies should

  • Cool down well, and cut into desired size for use.

  • Makes about 1 small tray of brownie