mango pudding with basil/ sabja

this delicious pudding is a version of a panacotta, but we gave it a southeast asian twist when we made it and topped it with basil seeds soaked in water. they go a bit funny, and then we used those for garnishing the dessert. the result funky looking and delicious and gluten free too.

this recipe is designed to be made for a big bunch of people, because u have to use up the whole tin of mango, u could halve it but then use the mango elsewhere so it doesnt go waste


  • mango puree/pulp tinned – 1 tin (850) gms
  • milk500 ml
  • cream 500ml
  • sugar 100gm
  • gelatine-14 gm soaked in 60 ml room temp water
  • coconut cream- 400 ml
  • basil seeds- 5 gms
  1. soak gelatine in water . soak basil seeds separately as well
  2. heat up mango pulp and reduce to half. take off the heat and add sugar to sweeten.
  3. heat up milk and cream. when boiled add in gelatine and mix well.
  4. start too cool down, add coconut cream, when almost room temperature, add in mango pulp mix.
  5. continue to cool  down, mixing every few minutes.
  6. pour into glass bowlsor wine/ martini glasses, and refrigerate atleast 2 hours to allow it to set nicely.
  7. the basil seeds will have started to look like fish/ frog  eggs by now, .spoon a little on top of the pudding before serving.