lamb seekh kebab

this kebab, originated somehwere in the ottoman empire, where it would be called lamb kofte or adana kabab . the muslim invaders who came to india from the 15th century onwards brought their cuisine and obviously over the years it got modified, chnaged a bit here and there, became a bit more spicy than what was originally made.

this is a version which i make for home and work and comes out beautifully everytime. this will make enough as a starter for about 4-6 people

  • minced lamb- 250 gm
  • onion chopped finely- about 1/2 – maybe 75 gm
  • chopped coriander- 2 sprigs
  • fresh mint- 2 sprigs
  • green chillies- 2 or more if you are extra adventurous
  • salt
  • turmeric powder
  • garam masala powder- pinch
  • cumin whole
  • oil- 20 ml
  1. combine all the ingredients
  2. cook a small bit in the microwave to check for seasoning
  3. soak wooden skewers for about 10 minutes in water.
  4. press about 25-30 gms of the meat in a sausage shape onto the skewers.takes a bit of practise, after a few hundred times will be easier.
  5. cook on a hot plate, fry pan bbq anything really to the degree that you like.
  6. serve as an appetizer or larger qtys as a main course.