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Mulgapodi / Gunpowder/ Podi

literally means pepper / milagai and powder/ podi but we can add more layers of flavor to it than just that .

Typically made in southern India to put on dosa/ or to mix with ghee or aesame oil to serve with idli it’s very versatile and I’ve even used it to crust on salmon and bake it or serve as a dukkah and olive oil and focaccia.

There are more recipes than you can shake your tail feathers at..and in the end it’s also upto your creativity and to see what you have.

  • Roasted chana dal / this comes pre roasted I’m most indian shops and also persian or arabic shops- 20 g / 2 large T
    1. Peppercorns dry- 5 g roughly
    2. Shredded coconut not traditional but I like it
    3. Salt
    4. curry leaves 1-2 sprigs ..I grow mine fresh at home and the flavor is to die for
    5. Dry red chilli/ I like to use Chipotle for the smoky flavor.-2-3 can increase depending on how hot you want it..
    6. Cashewnuts- 20 g/ 2 T
    7. Cumin seeds -5 g/1 t

Toast the above in the microwave- yes you can ..or in a fry pan if thats what you prefer. Cool down and blend/ grind to a coarse powder.

Sometimes i also add sesame seeds to mix above..Like i said sometime before all food needs your own touch to make it special and to your liking.

How to rescue a knife

This was knife found buried in the garden for God knows how long

We found this knife buried in the garden. When I say We it was actually my friend “Alana Williams”. She was digging a hole in the huge backyard to replant the ginger we had brought back from Dural.

I said we must try and resuscitate/ rescue this as I’ve done before so many times. The first step was to take off the old plastic bakelite kind of handle and I was able to use a chisel for that.

The next part of the puzzle was to find in my stash of wood ( mostly all recycled) a suitable piece to make a new handle.

once the wood was chosen then I cut it to the right size and marked a cross on the back to drill for the rat tail tang.

Cleaned blade and rat tail tang

Then I had to get a special extra long drill bit to be able to accommodate for the tang . Drill as straight as possible and check if it fits . Fill hole with epoxy and fit it up.

next was to shape the handle with my Shinto rasp and then sanding waxing and using burnishing oil

choux pastry with craquelin

  • craquelin topping
  • 60 g butter
  • 50 g white sugar
  • 60 g plain flour
  • Combine to a dough like consistency and roll out and refrigerate between sheets of baking/ silicone paper.
  • This is the topping we will put on top of the choux pastry and bake to get a pleasant crunchy crackly topping .
  • For the pate a choux ( fancy french for choux pastry)
  • We need
  • 200 g butter
  • 300 g flour
  • 500 ml water
  • 9 eggs….simple formula 2-3-5-9….since the time I was a mere stripling.
  • Melt butter in water and when it comes to a boil , add flour and stir till comes away from the bottom of the pot. Take off the heat and allow to cool down slightly. Add in the eggs one at a time using a spoon or so.. don’t use a whisk keboz it will get stuck in the middle.
  • Then the paste can be baked , fried , or poached..

MEME’s Apricot Macadamia muesli cookies

Mel is one of my co workers in my current workplace at Opal aged care and works as a helper/assistant in one of our dining rooms. Sometimes if ive been nice to her she gets me one of these Cookies, which are amazing. She also says her Nonna makes the best foccacia in the world, and on that point we agree to disagree.

These are like an anzac biscuit on steriods, lots of dry fruit and nut and very very yum..

Dry ingredients

  • Oats 300 g
  • plain flour 300g
  • dessicated coconut- 250 g
  • white sugar- 175 g
  • dried apricots chopped-125 g
  • raisins-125 g
  • macadamia or almonds- 1/2 cup

Wet ingredients

  • butter chopped -150 g
  • golden syrup or honey- 40 g
  • baking soda/ bicarb- 8 g
  • boiling water- 40 g
  1. line three trays with baking paper and preheat your oven to 160 C.
  2. combine all the dry ingredients.
  3. melt butter and syrup together.Add baking soda to the boiling water and mix with butter.
  4. addthe wet to the dry (as easy as that).
  5. roll into small balls and keep apart on the baking tray.
  6. Bake for about 20 minutes till the edges are browned and cool down on the tray .
  7. Drizzle with extra dark bitter chocolate if you want to be extra wicked !!