Gateau Opera

We are making a beautiful gateau opera tonight  in our cookery class. this is an almond sponge called joconde which is layered with a coffee flavoured butter cream and ganache.

For the sponge we need( will make one half sheet pan30cmx 40 cms)

  1. ground almond -85 gms
  2. sugar- 55 gms
  3. flour-30 gm
  4. eggs whole-3 ea
  5. Vanilla essence- 1ml
  6. egg  white – 2ea
  7. sugar- 30 gms
  8. melted butter-30 gm
  • mix almond sugar, flour together with the whole eggs and vanilla
  • beat the egg whites with the sugar till quite stiff and fold it into earlier mixture
  • fold in melted butter and bake in pre heated oven at 180c for 7-9 minutes.
  • take out and keep covered to prevent it from drying out.


Swiss butter cream

  1. egg whites-3
  2. sugar-150 gms
  3. soft butter- 300 gms
  4. coffee liqueur

whisk egg whites with sugar over a double boiler till light.Add in soft butter and some coffee liqueur.


  1. cream- 50 ml
  2. Dark chocolate- 100 gms

Melt chocolate along with cream and use for one layer of the cake.

for glaze

  1. dark chocolate- 75 gms
  2. butter-45 gms
  3. sugar syrup or glucose- 20 ml

Melt butter chocolate and glucose in a pan and adjust consistency to be able to pour on top of the cake.

the rest is all about arranging it neatly together and piping “opera ” on it with some chocolate.