Chocolate mousse

  • dark chocolate -150 gms melted with about 30 ml cream
  • eggs -2 whole
  • sugar-45 gms
  • vanilla essence- 2-3 ml
  • dark cocoa powder- 10-20 gms i use home brand cocoa or valrohna .
  • cream- 200 ml
  • alcohol-10-20 ml ( grand marnier/ whisky or baileys/ rum/ brandy  )

whisk cream and keep in fridge till later.

whisk eggs sugar and vanilla essence over a double boiler till thick and foamy and ribbony consistency.(not dont overcook the egg or you have a sweet scrambled egg)

add chocolate and cocoa powder and alcohol  to it.

allow to cool down then fold in the cream inside and portion into cups or bowls and allow to set for a few hours.if you want this set faster then you have to add in some gelatine after the egg stage.( the gelatine if using should be about 10 gm maximum and soaked with about 40 ml of liquid / water)