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The care and maintenance of knives and other sharp cutting tools.

If you have reached this stage , you must’ve realised by now that you want to be here and cooking good stuff .Now for that to happen you need good cutting implements like knives ,and these need to be sharpened.

Most folk don’t or go the expensive route of using a knife shop which could be ok if they are nice guys like Shannon at house of knives .

These guys have been around for many many years and ive only known Shannon since 2010, but hes a top guy and will give you good advise regarding knives and sharpening. For the high end sharpening i dont bother about it and just take them to his workshop, which sits behind and below their shop around the back.

They are located at 24, Mt Eden road, Auckland .New Zealand.

http://www.houseofknives.co.nz/…09-3022980, but then i know the number by heart.

The idea is to use a diamond or water stone and go in one direction at fixed angle. It sounds complicated so look at the helpful videos.

Also NEVER EVER dishwashing the knives..they will get ruined by the heat and the chemical in the machine .everytime you try to sharpen they have these micro fractures and they just don’t grind out ..

so if you see the video above, it gives you a pretty good idea about what needs to get done..