Spinach and Ricotta fatayer

  • Pastry
  • flour- 200 gms
  • baking powder- 2gms
  • salt- pinch
  • butter- 20 gms
  • eggs-1/2
  • cold water – just enough to form a semi hard dough.
  • Filling
  • olive or other oil- 10-15 ml
  • onion – 1/2 medium white onion roughly 50 gm
  • garlic- 1-2 cloves, crushed and chopped
  • frozen spinach- 100 gms ( subsitute with another green leafy vegetable of your choice if you dont have this./ or use corn kernels
  • seasoning- salt and pepper
  • ricotta – roughly 2 T can subsitute with feta/ or paneer /cream cheese/
  1. crumble flour , baking pdr, salt and butter.
  2. add egg and cold water and combine to make a semi hard dough
  3. rest for 15-20 minutes till filling is ready.
  4. For filling, heat oil, add crushed garlic and onion and saute till translucent, then add spinach and cook till dry. turn off heat
  5. add in ricotta and allow to cool down.
  6. roll out dough ad cut with a cookie cutter roughly 10 cms ./ if you dont have a cookie cutter, use something round and cut around with a sharp knife. the thickness should be roughly as much as a 1$ coin-3-4 mm thick roughly.
  7. put some filling in the centre and using the remainder of the egg , seal the edges to form a triangular shape.
  8. https://youtu.be/gDmwskrsfa0?t=336
  9. click on link above to see how they are making the shape.
  10. its easy with some practise. then either you can deep fry these pastries when they are done or bake at medium temp for 15-18 mins(350F/175 C). If baking brush with some butter or olive oil.
  11. Optional can add pine nuts/ slivered almonds and lemon juice/ sumac to the filling.